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ECS is dedicated to providing coverage on important industry issues, current events, and regulatory changes related to Medicare, Medicaid*, and Managed Care. The ECS Learning Series sessions create “conversations that matter” to your entire organization and provide a platform in which any team member can broaden their knowledge base. Detailed course descriptions are provided to enable organizations to make decisions that best suit professional learning needs. Each session is hosted by ECS industry experts and in-session questions are encouraged.

*Medicaid only available for the state of Ohio.

Webinar Details

  • Registration and pre-payment required.
  • Clients are required to enter their password to proceed with purchase and registration. Not a client? Contact ECS Solutions for available options.
  • Client cost: $150
  • Non-client cost: $350; taxes not included
  • Webinar length: 1.5 hours
  • Cancellation policy: A 24-hour cancellation notice is required. If unable to cancel within the required timeframe, the session will be available for on-demand listening. For a complete listing of on-demand sessions, click here.

ECS Learning Series Schedule

Date Time (ET) Session Client Non-Client
1/25/18 1:00pm Medicare: Is Your Money Walking Out the Door? What You Need to Know About Medicare Consolidated Billing Purchase Contact Us
2/21/18 1:00pm Ohio Medicaid: PASRR; Level of Care and Using the New Level of Care Instrument Purchase Contact Us
2/27/18 1:00pm Medicare: Does Your Billing Pass the Test? Compliant Billing and Triple Check Purchase Contact Us
3/21/18 1:00pm Ohio Medicaid: Eligibility Changes—Are You Prepared to Ensure Coverage for Your Residents? Purchase Contact Us
3/27/18 1:00pm Medicare: Informational Claims—Why They are Important Purchase Contact Us
4/18/18 1:00pm Ohio Medicaid: Overview from Application to Approval to Payment—Key Information Purchase Contact Us
4/25/18 1:00pm Medicare: Provider Responsibilities Under the Medicare Beneficiary Notice Initiative Purchase Contact Us
5/16/18 1:00pm Ohio Medicaid: Managed Care & How to Maximize Reimbursement—Are You Reviewing MITS? Purchase Contact Us
5/23/18 1:00pm Medicare: Stumbling Blocks for the SNFs Revenue—How to Avoid Them Purchase Contact Us
6/20/18 1:00pm Ohio Medicaid: Rate and Policy Changes—Stay Educated and Informed Purchase Contact Us
6/27/18 1:00pm Medicare: How to Identify and Help Bill Medicare Secondary Payer Situations Purchase Contact Us

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