Consultant is one of those words that doesn’t mean much –
until you need one.

Great consultants provide insight to what might otherwise be overlooked. They provide workable solutions with measurable results.

ECS consultants average over 30 years’ experience in the long term care industry including practical experience working in skilled nursing, home health, and hospice environments. ECS has a pulse on industry rules, regulations, and best practices for Medicare, Medicaid, and Managed Care Insurance; serving as an invaluable resource to any team.

Great consultants ask the tough questions: Are your cash flows optimal? Is your staff adequately trained? Are you compliant? How effective are your overall operations?

The ECS discovery process is mindful and thorough. Every aspect of your specific business model and workflow is evaluated using tools from billing audits to operational reviews. Current practices are reviewed and opportunities for enhancement and growth are identified. ECS advises and assists in implementing well designed strategies to improve operational effectiveness and efficacy.

ECS consulting services include:

  • Billing Audits and Business Office Analyses
  • Back Billing and Receivables Recovery
  • Providing Experienced Temporary Personnel
  • Revenue Cycle Management Analyses
  • Industry Alerts on Billing Procedures and Compliance
  • Online Education and Onsite Staff Training
  • Responsive Phone Consultations and Email Support

A Reliable Resource

Knowledge is invaluable. ECS specialists are the most knowledgeable in the industry. You can rely on the most relevant and current information — at all times.

We Are Committed

We provide you with exceptional, reliable, and thoroughly accurate services.

High Priority Support

ECS support and services are available for short or long term projects, on call, onsite, or remote.

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